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Is there a black women for my white ***?
is there any strong ebony women that would wunt a white man to start a real life wit an have a family wit and become sumthing happy .....i wounder if it will ever happen for me or will i be one of those old alone men in da nursinghome
I am guessing the Nursing Home.

Sorry Im guyding, why don't you try a dating website? At least facebook people, then you can actually see what the person is like before you proposition anyone.
White guys black girls?
i tried to already post this but it keeps goin to da gay site but anyways is there any strong ebony women that would wunt a white man for a husband a partner in life man is that possible i wunt a beautiful black women but would one ever wunt my white ***
Where in china to find some ebony hair straightener?? (preferably beijing,or farther north)?
my friend is coming here to china, she's black, and needs to find some hair straightener pronnnnnnnnnnnto, she's ridin my *** about it, any ideas? :)
just take her to local salons, they have straighteners there and will have better knowledge on how to use it. better than u going to store to buy and use by yourself.
Black Ladies: Does she like me or is she just playing with me?
I'm a Bi White girl who has a weakness for Black women.
Okay, so i kinda worship the ground you ladies walk on! lol! % )

My roommate is a paralyzingly beautiful African American girl who resembles Serena Williams, only hotter!
I'm totally besotted with her impossibly smooth, dark-as-midnight ebony skin, her full, rounded curves, her braided & beaded hair... just everything about her makes my knees weak!
She knows how attractive I find her and isn't at all uncomfortable with it... in fact, that's part of the problem: She says she's not interested in me but is constantly flirting and teasing!

Like she knows I think her full bottom is a miracle of creaton, a masterpiece, and she's understandably proud of rear end. But she uses it to torment me!
Like I'll be sitting on the couch and she'll stick her bottom in my face and say things like, "how bad do u wanna see my booty?"
She's even wiggled her BARE *** in my face!

When I blush, she laughs. When I plead with her not to tease me, she says, "I love it when you beg!"

She'll make me tell her how beautiful i think her rich, deeply black skin is and then she'll scorn me for it!
Its like she enjoys having me in her thrall and revels in my 'slavish' worship of her. Its like she wants me hopelessly and helplessly grovelling for the chance to kiss her lovely bare body.

I feel so CONFUSED and PATHETIC. I've even shed tears over this.
But whenever I try to explain what she's doing to me, that she's driving me crazy, she just teases me worse and says "I can't help it if I'm a goddess and ur a horny white slut!"

PLEASE Black ladies - or anyone who might have insight on this - is this NORMAL behaviour for someone who says she isn't into girls?
Is there a CHANCE she might actually like me and this is just her weird way of showing it??
I'd be grateful for any advice i can get.
Lol! @ desprate, horny, white girl!

Check her Profile:

Ur cute.... 4 a white girl.
Hell, I might even let u kiss & worship my Beautiful Black Booty! lol!

White girls got no back, thats why u be drooolin over our incredible butts.
Bet u DREAM about ur friend sitting on ur face!

U say u feel "pathetic". Thats cuz u are!
No Black Woman would ever plead, beg and grovel the way u do!
We got something called Pride & Dignity!

Awww, u want us to feel sorry 4 u??
Hello?! Its called Teasing & Denial and I say more power to the sista!
Sexy black gurl?
Mmmm I'm a sexy african queen. Matter fact, I'm Mrs. Ebony queen if you nasty.
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What will happen if anyone can answer these question?
Top10 Really Cheesy Shows n other stuff.

10. Electric Woman & Dynagirl
9. Man from Atlantis
8. Jason of the Starcommand
7. The Powers of Matthew Star
6. Mannimal
5. My Sercret Identiy
4. Superboy
3. Spiderman Live action
2. Lost Saucer ..1970's


10. Aqualad
9. Speedy
8. Wondergirl
7. Kid Flash
6. Impulse
5. Toad
4. Modak
3. Rick Jones
2. CM Jr.
1. Jimmy Olsen

Magic Words

10. She-Ra- "For the honor of Greyskull.....I AM SHE RAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
9. Freddy Freeman- "CAPTAIN MARVELLL!!!"
8. Mary Batson "SHAZAM"
7. Bravestar - "HAWK WOLF PUMA and BEAR"
6. Phantom form DFOTE " My jungle laws. The ghost who walks calls forth the power of ten tigers!"
5.Freedom Forces' Toshi "Super Samuari!"
4. Visionaires- "Sheath these feet in the driving gale.Make legs this swift o'ver the land I sail!"
3.Superfriends-Apache and Samuari, 1 Apache Chief - Enuk chuk
2.Samuari- Kazeno Yo` ni Hayaku
2. Tomei Ningen
3. Igo Moen
2. Prince Adam-" By the power of Greyskull. I HAVE THE POWER!!!"
1. Billy Batson- "SHAZAM!!!!"

Top 10 Weapons

10. Orb of Ra - DC
9. Spear of Destiny - DC
8. Captain America's shield - Marvel
7. Gem of Cyttorak
6. Cosmic Cube - Marvel
5. Iffinity Gems- Marvel
4. Mjolnir - MArvel
3. Quasar's Quantum Bands - Marvel
2. Ultimate Nullifier - Marvel
1. Green Lantern - DC

TOP 10 Cosmic Being

10. Krona - DC
9. Kismet - DC
8. The New Gods - DC
7. Eternals of Titan - Marvel
6. Heralds of Galactus - Marvel
5. Galactus - Marvel
4. Elders of the Universe - Marvel
3. Spectre - DC
2. Celestials - Marvel
1. Eternity - Marvel

Marvel What If ?

10. She-Hulk and Doc Samson has some gamma powered twerps?

9. Spiderman and The Green Goblin become friends and becom the new Odd Couple.

8. Magneto and Namor are the New Tango and Cash.

7. Beast and Nightcrawler fur turns black and they become the new Ebony Men of the year.

6. Powerman & Ironfist star in a new CW fall sitcom.

5. Captain America becomes General America.

4. Siver Surfer becomes the Biege Bandit.

3. Jim Hammond got his powers back and becomes the Fiery Playa.

2. Thunderstrike faked his death so he leave a nagging *** bon-bon eating Ellen Oprah Jerry Dr. Phil watching pain in the *** mother in law hating wife.

1. Thor and Wonderman become the new WWE World Tag Team Champions.


11. Apache Chief and Giganta got married had some guys and their guys play in the NBA.

10. Aquaman hair is not really blonde but purple so he can get some play from Mera.

9. Batman was the real reason we have so many reality tv shows.

8. Black Vulcan left the team because Wonderman got "knocked up".

7. Flash is on probation for breaking the time and sound barriee too many times.

6. Green Lantern's power ring is not really green but a very bright orange.

5. Hawkman got caught with Cheetah and became a pimp called Mr.Hawkman.

4. Robin got caught in the Batmobile with Wendy and Wonderdog. Now doing time.

3. Samurai went back to Japan to become a crime fighting sushi chef.

2. Superman snapped because he thought the "guys" were his. Now stays at the Fortress of Solitude watching Scooby Doo.

1. Wonderwoman and Black Vulcan are now living in Washington D.C. raising LIghting power Amazanian babies.


13. Bizorro got a face lift and became a model in New York and Paris.

12. Black Manta went the summer olympics and swept the high dive, and the swimming compations.

11. Brianic found away to have a body cloned and is a GQ model.

10. Cheetah shacking up with Hawkman in penthouse in New Orleans.

9. Giganta married Apache Chief and have guys in the NBA.

8. Grod works for Animal Planet and is not going to tell Jane Goodall were Gorilla City is located.

7. L. Luthor found a cure for MPB and and works for SOUL GLO as the spokes person and model.

6. Riddler works for Jeopardy but got fired when they found he was moonlighting for Who Wants to be a MIllionaire.

5. went into private and helps out of all people........Batman.

4. Captain Cold became a wedding sculpture in the upper Eastside of NewYork.

3. Sinestro lives in Las Vegas helps Lance Burton get all the credit and showgirls.

2. S. Grundy was the real reason TYCO had all those problems.

1. Toyman brought Mattel and called it DOOM TOYS.

Consider the following in DC?

10. L.Luthor got his hair back, sports corn rolls, and no longer hates Superman.

9. The GL power core on Oa is really a deep dark purple.

8. The Teen Titans are the New Saved By The Bell.

7. Mr. Mxzptlk and Batmite go to Vegas and gambled all of Bruce Waynes money. Turns out these two broke every casino on the strip.

6. Nightwing snapped and started saying "I'M BATMAN! I'M BATMAN!"

5. Aquamans new weakness is spam and pickle juice.

4. Superman and Batman are the new Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell in Tequila Sunrise,and maybe even Tango and Cash.

3. Joker gave up his life of crime to open hamberger joints called Joker Joints and put Wendy's out of business.

2. Superman cleaned up Metropolis, got bored and became Metropolis' only pimp.

1. Shazam he too cleaned up Fawcett City as well. Shazam became a pimp. Just in case Superman tries to take over like he did in Gotham.Shazam has a few kryptonite pimp sticks just in case Superman tries to take over.
Most of them are not questions. By the time I got halfway I was bored already. Worst question ever.
Does my friend have potential as a writer?
'Luelle, over here!' my best friend Angel shouted from somewhere in the busy school rush, waving her arms madly so I could spot her. Sure enough, I saw her pretty brunette head bob up a few times, and so I pushed my way through the crowd towards her. Before I could reach her, though, I was stopped by Alan Tennwick, that geek.
'Oi, Lu-babes,' Tennwick leered, a lustful glint in his eye. 'Johnson said he fancies having a slap at your peachy ***.'
Disgusted, I flipped Tennwick the finger and worked my way through the mass of students to Angel, who was waiting on the other side. I noticed she had rolled up her regulation black pleated school skirt twice, that she had applied wine red lipgloss and dark brown mascara, and that she was beaming from ear to ear. I said happily, 'Hey hun, what's got you up dressed so nice? Want to impress a guy on the way home so you can ditch me?' I teased her and her face flushed slightly.
'No, no guY,' she smiled, looking away to something and twiddling her glossy, naturally curly chestnut hair in her fingers. 'Shall we get going then? We could go to yours - you have the biggest clothes collection I've ever seen, after all!' She laughed and so did I - my ebony wardrobe was absolutely huge, and I still had designer bags with lots of clothes in shoved next to it!
'Okay,' I smiled, and shrugged my school bag back on my shoulder. We weaved our way through the students and out of those school gates for the weekend! I couldn't wait. We had planned to go to the local pub to start off with, and then move on to the hottest night club in the city, Escapades, partying until four in the morning or later!
It was both our sixteenth birthdays, after all, and we sure could pass for eighteen! We looked like eighteen year olds, anyway. Angel was a tall brunette with tanned skin and grey eyes which I did adore actually. I was a slightly shorter, but still tall, natural platinum blonde with honey-brown eyes. We both had slim figures, but still had curves in the right places.
When we approached my new car, a sleek and sexy obsidian Lamborghini Murcielago, I flicked the switch for the car to unlock and it did so perfectly. I slid into the driver's seat and Angel clambered in next to me, sighing at the feel of the comfortable lush seats. My dad had bought me this car for my birthday - it had cost over two hundred thousand pounds, but he could certainly afford that and it was so worth it.
Swiftly I started up the engine and soon we were rocketing up the motorway, driving at an extremely fast pace towards my family mansion, just outside Wiltshire, where my school, Dane Hall Secondary School (a mixed private school), resided. I and Angel kept up a friendly banter all the way, and when we reached my house, Angel gasped slightly like she always does. She may have an extravagant house, but my dad makes bloody loads. I often wonder how, but he never really tells us, and if he does, it's so vague I can't decipher a true answer.
Soon, we were walking through the extravagantly decorated hallway that led towards my bedroom, and I pushed open the beautifully made ebony double doors. I and Angel both had already kicked off our high heeled black school shoes around eight or nine corridors ago, so we just flopped on the extremely comfortable bed and relaxed for a minute.
Then Angel sat up and a gleeful smile spread across her face. 'Now, Luelle, let's raid your wardrobe.'

Three hours later, I and Angel were dressed up to the nines, looking quite sexy if I say so myself. I was wearing a tight black corset dress which was decorated by really cute blood red ribbon ties. It reached just past the middle of my alabaster thighs and skimmed my pert bum! I had my hair in a half up and half down style, with the two ponytails tied with a blood scarlet ribbon and the rest of my luminescent, shimmering blonde hair cascading down my back. With this I was wearing horizontally striped long socks which went roughly to my knees and were slightly different lengths - the stripes were black and blood red and had a red ribbon on each. With all this I wore my trusty old Converse and a touch of wine red lipstick.
Ever a fashion icon, Angel had decided to wear my cute gothic lolita black and aqua dress. It had a beautiful corset top but it went out for the skirt; a bit like a Fifties skirt. She also wore striped long socks - the same as mine except they were the black and turquoise version. She wore black and white Sketchers on her dainty feet and had applied wet-look mascara, clear shimmering lipgloss and a touch of liquid eyeliner, setting off the look. She even slid in a cute little turquoise star clip which seemed to sparkle beautifully!
Angel looked at me, winked, and said, 'Okay, let's go already, Lu!' Identical grins spread across our beautifully made up faces and we sprinted through the many
How is my first chapter? (long)?
A city here, city there. Not much changes when your on the road besides the surrounding view. I still don't know how I let her talk me into staying with her dad and brother for the summer. I never even met them! Of course Logan tagged along but he's practically a chick so...

"Tavia! Guess what!" Ava asked from the passenger seat where she sat gripping the steering wheel, her eyes never leaving the road.

"I don't know if you don't tell me." I looked over in time to see her roll her eyes.

"Five minutes and we reach Dad's house!"

"Ya hear that Logan?" I asked Sarcastically. "Five more minutes! When was the last time we got an update like that?"

"Exactly..." He eyed his watch. "Two minutes ago."

"I wonder why..." I eyed Ava who only laughed.

"Whatever. Just remember that Joel is off limits. For both of you." She warned.

"Got a boyfriend remember?" I asked and she nodded.

"Is he straight?" Logan asked hopefully.

"Yes Logan. Joel is straight." She answered.

"Then my fun is over."

The next five minutes were quiet. It's that really creepy silence at funerals that's only broken when someone starts bawling. We pulled into the driveway of a huge *** house. A balding man that looked in his forties came running out of the house with his arms out. Ava jumped out of the car and into his arms. "Daddy!"

"Ava! Good Lord you've grown!" He held her at arms length and I looked back at Logan Laughing. Logan and I stepped out of the car and her dad smiled. "You must be Octavia and Logan." It wasn't a question.

"Yes sir." I couldn't help but laughing at the stupid face Ava was giving me for saying that.

"Please, call me, Bill." he said holding up a hand.

"I'm not sure Daddy... You may want to be careful... She's a psychotic ***** at times..." Ava said and I stuck my tongue out.

"So what if I am? You're still my friend." I said while Logan was shaking his head at us.

"Excuse them. At least this time they're not chasing each other around with water guns right?" Bill laughed and nodded.

"Where's Joel?" Ava asked changing the subject. Right after she said that a guy in a blue with a single racing stripe, SSC Ultimate Aero pulled into the driveway behind Ava's Audi Coupe.

"Damn." I breathed as I saw it. Only the vehicle wasn't the best part. The driver, who I'm assuming is Joel, was. Is ebony hair hung low in his eyes. He was wearing an Invader Zim tee and black skinny jeans so tight I doubt Logan could fit into them. The two of them looked close to the same size and Logan can fit into all my clothes. Logan and I looked at each other, our jaws dropped.

Ava pushed past us to run over to him throwing her arms around his neck shouting, "Joel-bear!"

"Ava-boo!" He laughed spinning her around. "Oh my god! I haven't seen you in forever!"

"What did you do to your hair? It's all long and Octavia-ish." He gave a confused look and she laughed.

"I heard that!" I yelled at her. How dare she make fun of my hair!

"You were supposed to!" She stuck her tongue out and I started for her but she obviously knew I would because she had already taken off around the corner of the house. I chased after her but, not knowing my way around, I ended up falling into the pool in the back yard.

I surfaced gasping for air. Ava was sitting on the edge of the pool, her shoes off and pant legs rolled up. "How's the water?"

"Shut up." I swam over to the edge where she was sitting. I gave a wicked smile before grabbing her leg and pulling her in.

She came back up splashing water at me. "No fair!"

"Only for you." She swam over and we bot pulled ourselves out as Logan, Bill, and Joel showed up.

"Do the two of you ever act your age?" Logan asked though he knew the answer.

We grinned at each other and took one of his arms before throwing him in the pool. He came back up spitting out water.

"You're supposed to keep your mouth closed Logan!" Ava and I shouted at the same time.

"I really hate the two of you right now!"

"But you still love us." I smiled.

"That is true." He agreed climbing out. "Just not as much as other things..." He glanced at Joel and Ava hit him in the back of the head.

"Off limits remember?" Hs crossed her arms.

"I wasn't talking about him... Just what he's hiding."

I burst out laughing and everyone gave me a really crazy look. I shook my head and quietened down into a small giggle fit. "Well... The Summer Begin's beach party starts
It is long, with a couple of errors. But tbh, I'm to tired to point them out. Look over your wokr before your putting it on a computer or something.
Which version of my story do you like better?
This is the first chapter of my story and i've written it two ways, which one sounds better. You can say 1st one or 2nd one. If you could also state why that would be great. Thanks :)

version #1

As I walk in the class, everyone stares.

Beneath the buzz of conversation, the teacher says, "Class, this is Eve Andrews, she will be joining us from now on."

The chair he indicates is near the back of the class past a gauntlet of stuck out feet, but a good kick in the shin to the first person dissuades most of the rest from trying to trip me. I plop down, finally, and pull out the English textbook .

A deep voice in the next row over says, "Hey."

Shoving ipod headphones in my ears, I cast my eyes to the front of the class, where the teacher has started the lesson.


Everyone turns to stare. I slouch down and tilt my head forward so that my long black hair falls like a curtain, blocking everyone out.

But a hand grabs my arm and twists me around to face a boy.

"Hey, I'm talking to you." His grip tightens.

I pull out my ear buds and let a wicked smile take over my face.

He is rather handsome in his own way, with slanted eyes the exact color of moss and long, luxurious, ebony hair. His faded jeans hug the lean muscles of his thighs. He must have gotten his overinflated ego from all the airheaded girls who flock to him.

I look down to where the boy has tightened his grip on my arm even more. The force of his grip and the distance between our desks forces us to lean towards each other. "Is that suppose to hurt?" I take the pencil that's laying on my desk and jab it right into the meaty back part of his hand.

Letting out a roar, the boy jumps up from his desk. Knocking it over in the process. With my arm finally released, I move it back onto my desk and straighten my shirt.

Now that's pain.

"What's, going on here!?"

Seems like the teacher has finally clued in. Walking down the aisle, the teacher gives his best stern look, it looks more like he's constipated.

"You know the punishment for fighting."

As if to back up his warning my bracelet lets off a small shock. The boy shows no sign of being shocked, did he get shocked?

The boy stands, fists clenched. "Mr. Yates, is there still a problem?"

This teacher is itching to press the button again that will probably make the last shock seem like nothing.

Not wanting another warning shock, I turn to the boy and offer him a sweet smile.

"Hi, I'm Eve, and you are?"

The boy stares, but his hands slowly unclench.

"Your name," I prompt him, flashing him another smile.

"Uh, Damien," the boy says and finally sits down in his chair.

The teacher turns back to his lesson.

"What was up with you before?" Damien asks

My headphones now back in my ears.

Really not wanting to have to continue this conversation, I turn to him.

"What," I say lifting an eyebrow, sarcasm dripping with every word " You don't like the way I ignore you."

Damien, stares at me his mouth hanging open in shock.

Turning back to the front and turning my ipod up full blast I think "Great, this was the schools idea of someone considered to be very dangerous. Dangerous my ***."

"What a waste of my time"

version #2

As I walk in the class, I feel the stare of everyone in the room. Their eyes bore into me, yet I feel completely unaffected, numb. The loud noise of my classmates is a buzzing in my ear. I hear the teacher introduce me.

"Class, this is Eve Andrews, she will be joining us from now on."

Feeling the glares of my classmates as I walk past them to the only empty seat left in the room, I feel a distinctive hostility towards me. Several people stick their feet out in an effort to trip me on the way. A good kick in the shin to the first person, dissuades most of the rest from trying. Finally reaching my seat, I sit down and pull out the English textbook . A noise at my right catches my attention.


Ignoring, the unprompted greeting by shoving my ipod headphones in my ears, I cast my eyes to the front of the class, where the teacher has started the lesson.


Seeing my classmates turn in my direction, I slouch down in my seat a little, wishing their attention would go back to the teacher. Tilting my head forward I let my long black hair fall like a curtain to hide my face. Wrapping myself further into my cocoon of numbness, a sudden grabbing of my arm, turns my head in the direction of the noise from before.

"Hey, I'm talking to you." As this unknown boy grips my arm tighter, I reach with my free hand to pull out my ear buds. I feel an evil smile take over my face.

Giving the boy, a quick appraisal I note that he is ra
I like the second version..... it is worded better and is more descriptive. I love it though ! Hope I helped !

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