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What kind of dog nuerological problems that causes the front legs to spread?
My dogs front legs spread and can stand very long.
The spreading of the front legs is called splaying. You didn't give much information, but maybe these sites can help you find an answer.

Singapore Pets Channel Splay Leg Condition, Health, Diet ...
Singapore community pet portal dedicated to pets lovers of dogs, cats, hamsters, fishes ... the front legs, hind legs or all four legs splay out to the side ... Though various causes can lead to splay-leg in rabbits, ...

www.petschannel.com/forum/?page=topic&… - 67k - Similar pages

[PDF]J Group 3 /03
Why do men sit,or stand with their legs spread?
My boyfrined does this all the time, and...I feel like punching that bulge in the middle of his legs. Why does he show it off so much? Is it right to hit him?
Sit in a chair and put two oranges between your legs and let me know how comfortable it is. It's not a big deal unless one if his eggs happens to escape the underwear elastic and slip out into public view.
Why do women spread their legs while having sex?
My wife always does it, especially when we're trying for a baby (I haven't been with any other women so I can't tell if others do...). She spreads her legs apart and eventually raises them high in the air. Do all women do that? Is it instinctive? Do women spread their legs and then pull their legs up in the air to increase their own sexual pleasure, to allow the man deeper penetration, or simply to get out of the way of the man and make room for him? Apologies if the question sounds inappropriate--I'm just curious.
uh because thats missionary
there are many ways to have sex
but thats just so you can enter.
haha youre funny.
but uhm yeah
usually you wont go deeper unless youve entered from behind
but with her legs up yeah you will get deeper that way
idk everyone's feelings are different
it all depends on what feels good for the individual
How do I perform a successful centre splits (with both of my legs spread apart)? Please help?
I would just like some help from people who are able to do it, please. :)
You should try and do the splits daily by going as far down as you can without stretching and then reach as far forward 20 times and then to the right, left and back. After you have done this you should stretch and do it again. From this you should start to see daily results.
Why does my dog sit with both of his hind legs spread?
I check his rear area and found no oddity.
no worries, all dogs do this. it's just one of the ways they sit sometimes. :)
Is it bad to spread your legs under the bathtub faucet?
is it bad for me to spread my legs underneath the bathtub faucet? it feels really good between my legs and my private, but is it good for me?
you can get a yeast or bladder infection.
Is it weird to stand with your legs spread apart?
in public? i always do it becuzz i get better balance if i stand with my legs spread apart and i dunno why and i can stand longer from doing it.. is that weird? im not fat btw
Depends....how much spread apart? If it was only a little bit then it's not weird but if you're spreading them out really far then it's weird.
Why do women act weird when i sit next to them with my legs spread, leaning back.?
Im a male. And i always sit back into my chair with my legs spread. I sometimes get weird looks and weird reactions from women. Whats the matter?
It can only be one of 2 things.


1. they're trying not to jump on your D***


2. They are extremely uncomftable and find it wierd that your doing it.
My female cat has been laying on her back with her legs spread wide open?
she just started this. she is fixed. however, she has been gaining weight (shes about 1 yr), but eating less. i havent seen her lay like that since before she was fixed and was in heat. what could it be?
I wouldn't worry. Cats lie on their backs and expose their bellies means they are comfortable and feel safe in their environment. Cat's bellies are soft and vulnerable so if they feel unsafe, they would not expose their bellies for fear of attack.

Anyway, monitor your cat to ensure she is active and eating well. You said she is gaining weight, so this is hardly a sign of an unwell cat.
Cocker Spaniel and laying on back with legs spread apart?
Does anyone have a cocker spaniel that sleeps or just lays on its back with hind legs spead and front paws in a folded begging position. My dog is almost 3 years old, and everytime I look at him he is doing this on his back. He rarely sleeps on his stomach or side. He has to have his legs in the air?? What's up with this?
It means he is comfortable with you and feels safe. Dogs are normally very protective of their bellies.

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